What is a Classic?

In his book "Why read the Classics" Italian writer Italo Calvino  produced 14 definitions of a "classic" book. The classics are those books about which you usually hear people saying: 'I'm rereading…', never 'I'm reading….' The Classics are those books which constitute a treasured experience for those who have read and loved them; but they … Continue reading What is a Classic?

How long are Dickens’ novels

Having decided that the first book to be read and discussed by our new Classic Book Group would be a Dickens novel, and having specified that we wouldn't choose a book that was longer than 500 pages in a standard edition, we needed to work out how long Dickens' novels actually are. Fortunately most of … Continue reading How long are Dickens’ novels

Flagging up some Spanish information

In August we were given the opportunity to run Spanish conversation classes in Harbury Village Library. When posting information about the classes on Facebook we included an image of 16 flags representing 15 countries - the Spanish flag was included twice. Just for fun, can you answer the following questions: What nations do these flags … Continue reading Flagging up some Spanish information

Poldark after the end of Series 5

Poldark is three episodes into its fifth and final season, but there's no need to panic. We have all 12 books in the Poldark series available to borrow from Harbury Village Library.  The titles in the series are: The Angry Tide, Bella Poldark, The Black Moon Demelza, The Four Swans, Jeremy Poldark, The Loving Cup, The Miller's Dance, Ross Poldark, The Stranger From … Continue reading Poldark after the end of Series 5

So, what does HVL stand for?

Our organisation is often referred to in documents as "HVL". Does HVL stand for: Herrlich viele Leckereien, Highly-Volatile Liquid, Hyper Velocity Launcher, Hedy Very Late, Hot Volcanic Lava, Haughty Venezuelan Llamas, Happy Volunteer Librarians, Hendrik van Loon, Hush Victor's Listening, Hardly Very Lively, High-Velocity Lattes? No, HVL stands for Harbury Village Library, and Harbury Village Library … Continue reading So, what does HVL stand for?