The Blue Label Collection

Since 2012 we have been enhancing the stock of books provided by Warwickshire County Library with our own collection of books. "The Blue Label Collection" has been built from donations and from purchases using the 'Buy a Book Fund'. The collection gets its name from the fact that every book has a distinctive blue label … Continue reading The Blue Label Collection

So, what does HVL stand for?

Our organisation is often referred to in documents as "HVL".¬†Does HVL stand for: Herrlich viele Leckereien, Highly-Volatile Liquid, Hyper Velocity Launcher, Hedy Very Late, Hot Volcanic Lava, Haughty Venezuelan Llamas, Happy Volunteer Librarians, Hendrik van Loon, Hush Victor's Listening, Hardly Very Lively, High-Velocity Lattes? No, HVL stands for Harbury Village Library, and Harbury Village Library … Continue reading So, what does HVL stand for?